OK, I can explain

Yes, this is a male dog. Yes, we’ve just met in the park. Yes I appear to be HUMPING HIS HEAD.

Humpety Humpin Hot Piece of Butt Bogie Gay Action

It’s SPRING… time for a young man’s thoughts to turn to… ok, maybe not exactly gay doggie sex but something along those lines. I tell you, I just have these urges that I can’t explain. I try to ask older male dogs what they do when this sort of thing takes over and they all tell me the same thing:


I’m working on that… in the meantime, look out dogs of Los Angeles, Bogart is letting his freak flag fly!!!


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One thought on “Humpety Hump Hump”

  1. Bogart,

    I can reassure you that you are a totally normal doggy. There’s nothing gay about humping a male dog. You’re just trying to exert your dominance. I work for the Kentucky Humane Society, and I see our dogs doing this ALL the time. As a matter of fact, we have a little puppy, Chase who is about 3 1/2 months old, who humps everything in sight. We let him play with Spot(a females), who is over a year old, and stands alot taller than Chase. Well, he tries to hump her, and she just ignores him when he does this. Of course, it’s extremely amusing because he is so much shorter, and with her ignoring him, he gets his front legs stuck on her back, and gets dragged around by her. Does this deter him? Nope! He keeps trying. So, don’t worry, one of these days you’ll get a female. In the meantime, just try to hump the right end, and maybe you’re not gay, just a dominator(a.k.a. Alpha dog). 😉

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