This is my current stick collection.


I am quite the connoisseur – not just any old stick will do. That’s what mom and dad think, that I just pick up any stick and drag it back to the house. Daily. Sometimes twice a day. But noooooo…..

It’s all to support my scientific (by Airedale standards, anyway) theory and to give you all a valuable tip about where to invest your hard-earned money: STICKS!

sticks81.gif sticks41.gif sticks21.gif

sticks31.gif sticks11.gif

Sticks are – by far – the most useful thing EVER. They are of course incredibly fun, and provide hours of amusement for any dog. The benefit to the teeth with careful chewing (watch out for splinters!) is there. The feeling of accomplishment when a large stick has been reduced to toothpicks cannot be understated.


And then there are those humans… I’ve noticed that even humans love sticks! They clean floors with them, eat with them, walk with them, even build houses out of them! I found these last week at the Pasadena Flea Market, just waiting for some human to come along and use them…

So, in closing, I must encourage you all to INVEST IN STICKS!!!



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