Well, the day started out pretty normally with some fun at Kindergarten, uh I mean the dog park. Got to see the Airedales briefly, then some running with old friends and new ones.

I wanted to introduce you to my best friend, Scruffy. He’s an old tom tabby that lives in our neighborhood, he’s a stray and nobody really knows where he came from. He’s pretty old, he definitely has some some of digestive issues, but he seems to be a happy little guy. He’ll follow everyone in our building to get some food or a pat on the head. He especially follows mom because he knows she’s a sucker and will open a can whenever he looks at her… she’s been well-trained over the years by her felines, obviously.


Scruffy is my absolutely favorite cat to play with – even sometimes more than my “own” cats that live with me. Scruffy is very old, totally deaf, and most importantly, LETS ME LICK HIS HEAD UNTIL I’M TIRED. It’s good for both of us – he gets his head cleaned of any crusty-ness, and I get to well, lick his head. We both wag our tails and I try not to step on him.


Then later we went to Pasadena because mom and dad wanted to eat lunch and walk around a city for a change… we stopped at Pita Pita on Colorado, they have really good vegetarian (for mom) and non-vegetarian (for dad) food. I was happy to pick up what dad spilled from his sandwich, nothing like feeling useful…


Time for some relaxing now, I just heard that it may start raining here for a few days tomorrow. Grrr. It’s not that I don’t like rain, I just hate having to pee while getting peed on, basically.


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