Holidays are fun, there are so many people out – which means the opportunity for adventure is great!


Today started with some fun at the dog park – with a grapefruit, of all things. Remember I told you about when dad thought it would be funny to feed me a pickle and thought I’d make a really funny face – then I didn’t? Well, we had a similar encounter this morning with my buddies, the Airedales.

Dad was eating a grapefruit – something that shouldn’t appeal to dogs, right? – but we’re not just dogs, we’re AIREDALES. So dad thought he’d try to be funny again… here’s the result:



After a ride home and a quick nap, we went out to lunch at the Corner Bakery in Burbank. Nothing for me there, as mom was having her same old boring sandwich and dad had chili and wouldn’t let me try any. So I just waited for them to finish, and for 2 tables full of people to finish admiring me.
Then we walked by IKEA – mom’s favorite place. We were going to go inside to get a hot dog (dad keeps promising me one of these someday, haven’t gotten one yet) but I’ve been having some digestive issues lately so dad decided maybe another time. Just as they were discussing my intestines, I suddenly had the urge to poop. So I pooped on the IKEA lawn. And mom and dad laughed and were trying to joke about it with stupid Swedish accents (who cares, dad still has to pick up my poop – not the other way around – so they can tease all they want).


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