Today started with another visit to the dog park…

It wasn’t nearly as boiling hot as it has been lately – all that dust spoiling my spiffy Airedale puppy pelt – today it was cold and dark. Lots of mud around the dog park, and a distinct smell of poop.

This is what I call the “timeout” place – whenever things get too intense, or the chasing and biting gets too serious, all the dogs know that they just have to run over to the bench (either hide under the table or jump up onto it, depending on your size) and it’s an automatic timeout. Chasing must stop, biting must cease, general calmness must prevail.

We had to leave early because it started to rain (and mom was convinced that I was determined to get as muddy as possible – ok, so she was right about that one) but it was still fun with some really cute doggies!


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