Today dad took me to the butcher shop – he’s been raving for the last two days about making me homemade food (I’m just not a big fan of the canned dog food – how do you all eat that stuff?) and yesterday he made me a “chicken soup for the airedale soul”… chicken pieces with pasta in a soupy sauce. Yum yum yum. I think it’s my favorite food so far, outside of treats.

So of course we needed more meat, and dad thought that the butcher would be the right place to go – back when he lived in Vienna he used to go to the butcher all the time to get stuff for his German Shepherd named Schnuff, and would make him homemade food with all sorts of goodies in it. But mom is vegetarian, she doesn’t really like the smell of homemade dog food cooking or sitting around, so dad has to make it during the day while she’s at work.

At the butcher dad asked if he had any bones for me – and he came out with the biggest bone I’ve ever seen. I was in absolute doggie heaven. The butcher cut it up into smaller pieces (I was willing to take it on full size, but dad rightly assumed that it would be better if cut into doggie-mouth-sized pieces) and then I got some. Mmmmmmmmmm.

We thought we might share some of our bounty with my girl – Ferocious. So we drove over and she and I did a little fighting, then we did a little bone crunching together. She’s still as full of oil and grease as ever, and she’s still my girl.

Ah, life is GOOD! (except for the grainy pictures from dad’s cell phone….)


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3 thoughts on “Dem Bones”

  1. Oh Bogart! You sure are a delightful puppy. I’m so glad your dad took you to the butchers and got you such a tasty treat.
    I get Shasta great BIG bones and she whittles them right down to nothing but the outer shell. LOL
    I’m going to enjoy reading all about you.

  2. Hi!!!

    I’m sure she’s really good with bones, I’m just starting to get my first shot at them. They’re incredibly tasty and sometimes too big for my mouth, I just hold them down with my giant front paws and force them into submission. 🙂

    Love your blog too!

  3. We eat a raw diet & love it. We have a huge marrow bone each every week & eat beef, tripe, offal, tinned salmon & eggs + cottage cheese. We’re not allowed raw chicken anymore as Blue got very sick but still have lots of other lovely meals. Our mum is a veggie too but manages to cut the meat up once a week & freezes it. She wears gloves to do it, has separate boards & knives & does it in the garage. We have VERY clean teeth!

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