I’m with mom today at the office, as you know a fun place for me to be (because I am devoted to sleep like you wouldn’t believe). So I was a little surprised when mom pulled out the Hurl-a-Squirrel… haven’t seen that in awhile, mom said it was hiding in the back of her car.

So after a hearty game of Hurl the Squirrel (I always win and am getting quite impish about my winning… I trot off triumphantly with the hurl-a-squirrel in my mouth, my little tush bouncing, whenever I can get my teeth into it) we headed out for lunch.

Little did I know that since I’ve been such a good boy (well, that I knew) that we were going to visit the Three Dog Bakery today… There were other people inside and another of those tiny little dogs (Chihuahua – thanks mom) but all I could think about was the large spoon coming at me filled with frosting. Mm mm mm. I finished mine in record time and then began exploring, looking for something else to gnaw on. I found a fluffy green toy, but mom seemed to think that this didn’t belong to me. That’s ok since I knew we were there to buy me a yummy treat.

Usually I get a few of the little pup-cakes, but today we went for the big game: a carob-and-frosting covered confection called a Pup-it Fours. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had with this treat, it was HUGE and really cold so it was hard for me to bite into. Which is of course a great challenge for me. I licked off the frosting first, then got to work on the carob coating, then chewed away at the yummy cake-y center. Mom kept saying that it looked like I was eating poop, but I say as long as it’s delicious, who cares?


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2 thoughts on “Treats Treats, All For Meeeee!”

  1. bogart, you are so lucky! there’s all kinds of fun places for you to go in the big city… around here, it’s all grass and trees and boring things… no place for me to go except down the porch steps and right back up them…

    i’ve considered ditching my parents to come live with you… sounds like you have some pretty good food around there!

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