Today I’m with mom at work which I really like… she’s been really busy so I get to sleep!!!

So I wasn’t surprised when she packed me into the car and drove to Corner Bakery for lunch. It’s one of our favorite places, the people who work there are really, really nice to me (they always bring me water in a bowl, and keep an eye on me while mom orders her sandwich). And sometimes I meet new dogs there, but mostly I just sleep adorably.

Well today I got to almost meet another terrier! Buddy is a Fox Terrier, and as you can see he’s absolutely adorable! I kept pulling on my leash because I wanted mom to take me over to meet him. Even looking up at her with the pleading look in my eyes wasn’t working. I couldn’t figure out why. Buddy got to sit on his mom’s lap while they ate lunch, I was kind of jealous.

But then I noticed that Buddy’s tail wasn’t wagging, it was shaking. And then Buddy started to growl and bark. Ah, so this is what mom has been telling me a little bit about, dogs that don’t really like other dogs that much. To me this doesn’t make any sense at all (I am, after all, a puppy and the world revolves around me) but I gotta respect it. I tried barking a little but I just sounded kinda pathetic next to Buddy who was much better at it than I was. I couldn’t even pretend to not want to play with him.

Oh well. Maybe next time Buddy! You know where to find me at lunchtime!


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2 thoughts on “Terrier Day at Corner Bakery”

  1. hi there bogart! my name is emmi lou and i’m a shih-tzu/terrier mix! i found your blog on the “blogging pets” webring! i’d love to be your friend… you’re very handsome! check out my blog and leave me a comment if you’re interesting in being pals!

    scroll down to see some cute pictures! my mommy hasn’t had time lately to put any on most of my recent posts…

  2. okay! i added a link on my blog to yours. i hope we can be great friends… you are very very handsome and i think i have a bit of a crush on you! too bad you live so far away!

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