Mom and dad go to see their car mechanic a lot. I assume it has something to do with the fact that we’re always driving somewhere, it must be hard for the Beetle after a while. Kind of like how I feel after dragging dad’s shoes around the house for an hour or so.


Anyway, their mechanic is a really nice guy named Walter. And he has a really great dog named Ferocious. When I first saw her it was love at first sight… she’s a foxy kind of lady (by that I mean she looks like a fox, or the picture I saw of a fox one time) who guards the auto shop. And she’s really, really good at her job. When she’s not keeping out the riff-raff, there are lots of great oil puddles to roll in, and she’s led me down this path before. I know as soon as dad brings me here that I’m gonna roll with Ferocious.

We play too, and I’ve found a lovely spot at the back of the shop to poop. It’s funny, no one notices it for the first minute or so, then all of a sudden everyone looks at me — woo! hoo! attention for me! — and then dad has to “do the doody”.

I really like Ferocious, she gives me a run for my money and really wears me out. It’s always fun to go to Budget Auto Repair, thanks Walter!!!


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