I really love to spend my day with dad… he takes me lots of places, I get to run, to sniff poop, and to just have a really, really good time.

We started out the day at Petco (my favorite place on the planet so far) by buying pallets of the only food that I’ve decided I will eat. It’s from Purina, Pro Plan Large Puppy cans. It’s quite yummy but I may of course yank mom and dad around a little from time to time, pretending that I don’t like it anymore (probably just before they buy another pallet) because I don’t want them to get too spoiled.

I’m not really motivated by food which drives mom and dad crazy – treats, cans of food, all that stuff doesn’t really excite me. But a well-placed hand that I can bite… priceless.

Anyway, after we got home dad took me out into Elysian Park behind our house and I got to run and frolic. As you can see, I’m as adorable when frolic-ing as I am when posing.

Bogart…. out!


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