Wow, when I went out this morning for my first pee of the day, I saw this car parked outside…

It was totally covered with computer keys (well, so mom says, I mostly dictate what I want to say to her and she does the actual typing) in some great designs…

I do recognize the Homer Simpson (mom and dad are big Simpsons fans) and the other stuff just looks really cool.

Today is another day with dad, he’s already dragging me all over, making me walk a lot (so I’ll build strong muscles, he says)… but that’s ok because I really love spending time with him. He’s so cool and he always looks so happy when people say how adorable I am (as you already know, that’s so important to me). And he’s strong – he can pick me up when I’m doing something that he doesn’t like (mom can’t do that so easily anymore… gotta use that to my advantage). Dad is super-cool.


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