Wow, today I had THE coolest experience so far of my time in Los Angeles…

Mom found an Airedale Yahoo Group and signed up, and she mentioned that I have my own blog. Well so many nice people sent me email that they had looked at it, thought I was adorable (yes, praise works really, really well for me) and loved the blog! One very nice lady, Michelle, sent us a note that she lives nearby and that her niece works at a local cafe called the Mustard Seed Cafe in Silverlake and that we should visit sometime.

Well mom told dad the story. Usually I go with mom to work but today I got to spend the day with dad, which is always fun because it means that he’ll make me run really fast and I always somehow work in getting really, really dirty and muddy. After our morning run, dad thought it might be interesting to go over to the Mustard Seed Cafe because he was hungry, and it seemed like they would be dog-friendly if we sat outside. Fine with me! So we went and met the really nice waitress who was so excited to see me (I’m soooooo getting used to people loving me at first sight) that she called her aunt to say that there was an Airedale there. And of course, her aunt was the nice lady that sent us the email about going to the Cafe in the first place….

So we’ll be going there a lot in the future, I’m sure. Thanks Michele & Tanner (and thanks for the picture)!


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