Today was the annual Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, and mom was determined that I was going to go see it!

I would have been happy to stay home and sleep, especially since it was pretty hot outside, but she insisted so we got into the car with dad and drove to Pasadena. We met two of mom’s friends who are really nice and then tried to get a good spot on Colorado Blvd. so we could watch the parade.

No spots on the shady side so we had to sit on the sunny side at first which was HOT. I was sucking down ice cubes and water like it was going out of style. And I slept through the first bits, except when it got noisy (like when Elvis came through – my first Elvis sighting – long live the King).

There were lots of really silly people dressed in really silly outfits – mom was having a great time. Then we had a chance to sit inside at a great Brazilian restaurant and watch the parade from inside — YESSSSS!

It was much cozier inside – air conditioning, I could lay on the floor and sleep for awhile, and mom snuck me a little bit of mozzarella. I was happy.

And of course, everyone thought I was the cutest puppy at the parade – so I felt good. I’m starting to look really “Airedale” now, mom thinks it’s my nose.

Definitely at fun day!


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