OK, so mom wasn’t all that pleased with this…

But I was just following what the cats told me to do (reminder to self: don’t always listen to the cats, they don’t always have my best interests at heart and will convince me to do things that they find amusing).

I can’t remember which kitty started it (probably Kafka, but I can’t be sure), but mom really likes to knit. She’s making socks for all of her friends for Christmas. So she was in the middle of making a sock and made a little miscalculation when putting it away for it was still within easy reach of furry paws.

So the kitties started running around with this half-finished sock in their paws and I saw an opportunity to jump in and have some fun too. Got myself nice and entangled in the yarn that the kitties had conveniently gotten tangled on many surfaces.

Oops!!!! Sorry mom….


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