Remember that I was telling you that I have to share my house with 4 cats? Well, I want to introduce you to my very favorite new feline buddy – Behemoth.

Behemoth isn’t very big, in fact he is smaller than I was when I first showed up here in Los Angeles. He was a street cat who managed to sucker mom into taking him in, getting him dewormed and cleaned up, and he still has really crooked kitty teeth. Almost as shark-like as my puppy teeth.
I really like Behemoth because he is the only cat that seems to want to play with me, and who doesn’t mind too much when I get all excited and run right at his face. He’ll just playfully swat me in the nose with his paw (no claws out like Kafka) so I know that I’m moving too fast for him. I appreciate that.

He’s showing me all sorts of new games, not to mention where all of the fun stuff is hidden – moms shoes, furry fake mice, balls with bells in them, and of course almost-empty boxes that still have something in them that mom wanted to hide from all of us.

But at the end of a long, hard day, the best thing about Behemoth is that he is equal-opportunity – he doesn’t mind being a feline who curls up with a canine to stay toasty warm.


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