Today is a rainy day here in Los Angeles – I really hate going out in the rain to have to pee and poop. I try my best to look at mom for sympathy, but she keeps dragging me outside.


I’m with mom at work today and dad just sent me the funniest pictures by email of two of our kitties – Kafka and Behemoth (I’ve already introduced you to Kafka, I’ll post more about Behemoth soon) sleeping in my crate!!!! Now while I’ll admit that my crate isn’t my favorite place in the world at this point, it’s just weird to have kitties sleeping in there. And sleeping all curled up together! They’re never that nice to each other when I’m around… they’re usually swatting me in the nose or doing that hissing thing when they see me.

Cats. They’re just weird.


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One thought on “Cats, They’re Just Weird”

  1. You’re learnin’, Bogie. Those fe-lyings will try to take over everythin’ if ya’ let ’em. So don’t!

    Hope your mom washed your red blanket so ya’ didn’t have to go around smellin’ like a fe-lyin!

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