Today was my mom’s birthday – I had no idea until I woke up this morning! I’m still surprised that the sun doesn’t rise especially for me, and that the world doesn’t turn on my command… My present to her is, of course, myself and my incredible cuteness. That should be enough.

We went to another one of her favorite restaurants, Cafe Angelique, in the downtown Fashion District. I got to sit under the table while she snuck me pieces of fresh mozzarella, which I’m really developing a taste for. She still hogs too much of her sandwiches for my taste, I’m gonna have to bust out the cute airedale look more often.

But mostly I’m just grateful for the chance to SLEEP! Mom and dad take me with them everywhere, and sometimes I have to remind them that I’m still a baby and REALLY LIKE TO SLEEP A LOT.

In the morning I met my new favorite dog in the whole world – he’s a Jack Russell named Bosley, and I met him while we were walking this morning in the park. He’s so cute!!! He can jump straight up in the air over and over like he’s on springs. We played for a long time while our moms were talking, it was really the most fun I’ve had with another dog. I’m just mad that mom didn’t have her camera with her so I could post his picture here! I really hope I see him again soon, right now we’re about the same size and he was really friendly.


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