I share my new home with 4 cats – and let me tell you, it’s quite an experience. Cats and dogs are soooooo different, they just don’t want to play with me! They get upset when I run right into their faces, it’s so weird.

Mom explained that the cats have been here the longest so they rule the house. This is a concept that I just don’t understand right now. They keep coming up to me like they want to play, then I put out a paw or bark a little, and they make this evil hissing sound and run away!

How can we play if you run away?

Anyway, this kitty cat is Kafka. He’s even bigger than me and eats more! He’s the only one who won’t let me eat his food while he’s still trying to eat. He’s an orange tabby. Mom says that he’s her baby, even tho he’s 4 years old! He likes to sleep even more than me, and boy can he jump. For a fat tabby you’d think that he wouldn’t be able to jump at all, but last night I watched him stalk a big moth that had gotten inside our living room and then jump straight up about 4 feet into the air. He caught it with one paw, landed, and then ate it. I really admire Kafka for his hunting skills and his keen eyes. Maybe one day he’ll like me a little more and we can play moth retrieval together (gotta say it looked like fun)…

Oh, and as of today I weigh 13 pounds! Catching up with you Kafka!!!!


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